imagine mikey and alicia

thank you from the bottom of both our black little hearts

imagine mikey sitting in gerard’s house, cuddling his big brother like the slag he is. he receives a text from alicia saying that she’s on her way to gerard’s house to come pick mikey up. mikey and gerard frantically started panicking and at that moment the front door clicked, and alicia was stunned at the sight. she starts to yell horrible things to mikey and gerard tries to close his ears but alicia kicks gerard and being the fat lard he is, gerard falls to the floor and was unconscious. mikey starts crying and hugging alicia’s left leg and begging for her forgiveness.

omg ur so great ilu

thank you lmao 


imagine mikey way sitting in his bedroom and he glanced at alicia’s bass so he walks over to it and started strumming a few notes and a very angry alicia storms into the room, grabs the bass, beating mikey with it repeatedly. after alicia left the room, she locks the door and mikey cowers into a corner and weeps until he falls asleep

imagine mikey way tweeting his daily shenanigans on twitter and alicia comes up from behind him and ask who is he replying to and before mikey starts to reply, alicia sees a certain gabriel saporta flirting with mikey shamelessly on twitter and she grunts and starts slamming mikey’s face onto the keyboard repeatedly and ignore mikey’s pleas for help

imagine mikey cooking soup for dinner and alicia comes into the kitchen and comments on how the soup smells horrible and mikey starts sobbing and she slaps him and shoves his face into one of the kitchen cabinets. she then proceeds to slap him again, grab a whisk and beat him with aforementioned whisk

imagine mikey way coming home after buying new clothes for alicia and she hates them so much she punches him and made him wear all the clothes and forces him to say ‘i am a pretty princess’ while skipping around the room. he refuses so alicia spanks him with her bass and screams at him until he finally agreed.

imagine mikey coming home after a day of listening to gerard rambling on and on, explaining his concept for Danger Days and he tries to explain it to a sulking alicia. “i’m kobra kid and we have really cute outfits—-” and he was cut off by alicia punching him in the face and telling him how dumb he is and that gerard is a fat lard who is good for nothing and she punches him again whilst shouting “i am quEEN”

imagine mikey way coming home from yet another day of hard work at the recording studio and he opens the door home to find alicia sitting on the couch. as he walks towards her and attempted to hug her and kiss her cheek alicia pulls him from behind the couch and slams his head against the coffee table and continuously kicks him until he’s unconscious