imagine mikey and alicia

imagine mikey sneaking out of the house to meet pete wentz aka captain cock and halfway there, alicia stops her car after seeing familiar spidery legs and she got out of the car and yells at mikey for sneaking out so she takes a nearby menorah and hits mikey’s head with it

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imagine one day the ways are having dinner in silence because thats how alicia likes it when all of a sudden from the other side of the kitchen the opening notes to hot chocolates ‘you sexy thing’ start blasting from mikeys phone. alicia goes to pick upo the phone and sees a veRY familiar penis as the caller ID along with the name ‘captain cock’. she answers the call and hears pete wentz asking mikey out for ”””’drinks”””’. without further ado she throws the phone at mikey and it rebounds off his face as he cries and screams for pete to save him while alicia strangles him with his kobra kid t shirt

imagine alicia forcing mikey to have kinky sex with her one fateful night. mikey was tired, so he refused. alicia goes away for a few minutes, looking really calm. mikey grew suspicious but after half an hour, alicia comes in and ties his hands on each bedpost. she then ties his ankles to the other end of the two bedposts. mikey started questioning her and in comes santa claus, who was just as fat as a person could be and starts fucking mikey raw while alicia laughs maniacally outside the room

imagine alicia way going on the internet and she finds a photo of mikey grinding up against a black man. she cooks his favourite food and sits on the couch. mikey comes home later, greeted by a loving wife. he then was guided by alicia to the kitchen where she stares at him when he sits down. alicia confronts him about his gay affair with a black man and mikey denies it, so alicia yanks him by the hair and shoves his face onto the macaroni and mikey yells as his face felt the burning sensation of newly cooked food and alicia starts pinching his nipples so hard mikey fell to the floor

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imagine the two sides of the way family coming together and bandits being really cute and alicia likes her and she suggests to gerarad and lindsey that she and mikey can do the washing up and once they are alone she demands a child of their own and mikey says that maybe one day but alICIA WAnTS IT NOW and she shuts mikeys head in the fridge door and tries to steal his penis but he fends her off and she roars about mikey giving her a tummy seed as she scampers off into the night on all fours howling at the moon

imagine mikey way coming home from tour and alicias there and she makes him coffee and takes his bags and shes being really nice because by now she should have already shouted at him and tried to snap his arms so mikeys really suspicious and then all of a sudden alicia pOUNCES and demands sex but mikey tries to reason that hes really tired after the tour but alicia just hits him and shouts that shes stuck with the talentless brother and then she forces sex upon him and mikey just cries all the way through